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Business, care, computing, construction, customer service, engineering, furniture, hair and beauty, hospitality and catering, motor vehicle, retail, sport/sport services – we run apprenticeship training in all of these areas. 
With an apprenticeship, you learn on the job. You build up knowledge and skills, you gain a nationally-recognised qualification and you earn money – all at the same time.
We train apprentices all over the region. We have over 500 apprentices. We’ve seen that more and more industries and companies are training their staff through apprenticeships.
Why not become one of them? See our apprenticeships below.


An apprentice is employed and paid by the company they work for. Many spend one or two days a week at the College learning extra skills, including English, maths and IT. Some apprenticeships are delivered entirely in the workplace.


Business, care, computing, construction, engineering, furniture, hair and beauty, hospitality and catering, motor vehicle, retail, sport/sport services – we run apprenticeship training in all of these areas. 


  • Theory – the technical aspects of your job
  • Competence – the practical aspects of your job
  • English and maths – the bedrock of any job or career

How do I start?

You need a job as an apprentice with an employer. Please review the the list of vacancies to show you which companies are currently recruiting.


There is clear progression from intermediate (Level 2) to advanced (Level 3) to higher apprenticeships, which are degree-level equivalent qualifications.
Find out more apprenticeships. Call us and ask for the apprenticeships team!
In addition to the apprenticeships listed below, we also offer:
  • Business Administration Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Business Administration Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Customer Service Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Customer Service Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Team Leading Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Management Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Sales and Telesales Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Sales and Telesales Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Retail Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Hairdressing Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Hairdressing Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Barbering Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Barbering Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Cleaning Supervision Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Childcare (Early Years) Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Childcare (Early Years) Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Teaching Assistant Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Teaching Assistant Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Health and Social Care Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Health and Social Care Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Clinical Healthcare Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Clinical Healthcare Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Site Carpentry Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Site Carpentry Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Professional Cookery Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Food and Beverage Service Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Food Production and Cooking Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Hospitality Leadership and Supervision Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Motor Vehicle Body and Paint Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Motor Vehicle Body and Paint Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Vehicle Restoration Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Engineering Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Activity Leadership (Football) Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Sports Development (Coaching) Advanced Apprenticeship
  • PE and School Sports Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Driving Goods Vehicles Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Logistics Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Warehousing and Storage Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Manufacturing (Business Improvement Techniques) Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Manufacturing (Performing Manufacturing Operations) Intermediate Apprenticeship
To apply for any of these additional apprenticeships, please email admissions@activateapprenticeships.co.uk or call 01865 551 015


Apprenticeship in Classic Vehicle Restoration Motor Vehicle Bicester
Engineering Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Engineering Part-time Bicester
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Restoration Level 2 Apprenticeship Motor Vehicle Part-time Banbury
Motor Vehicle Maintenance Level 3 Apprenticeship Motor Vehicle Banbury
Motorsport Engineering Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship Engineering Part-time Bicester
Professional Cookery Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Hospitality and Catering Part-time Banbury