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Michelle Obama named as our most inspirational woman

The first black First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, has been named Activate Learning’s most inspirational woman of all time.

Michelle, who is also a strong activist for women’s rights, came top of a poll of Activate Learning’s staff and students. The top five, announced as part of International Women’s Day today (8 March), are:

1.    Michelle Obama – first black First Lady of America and women’s rights activist

2.    Emma Watson - actress and women’s rights activist

3.    Marie Curie – physicist, chemist and pioneer into research into radioactivity

4.    Queen Elizabeth II – our longest reigning monarch

5.    Anita Rodick- human rights activist, environmental campaigner and entrepreneur

As part of the survey, and to coincide with this year’s International Women’s Day theme - Be bold for change – we asked which single change could create a more gender equal change. The responses included:

-       Equal pay

-       Equal responsibilities

-       Equal treatment

-       Stop gender stereotyping (particularly in advertising)

-       Educate people about how important acceptance is.

Activate Learning Chief Executive, Sally Dicketts, nominated former boss – Ann Limb – as her most inspirational female role model. Sally said: “Ann was my boss when I went to Milton Keynes College. She was the principal and I was one of her deputies. She taught me the importance of really understanding and developing yourself, at a deep and profound level, if you want to be a leader.  Ann was ahead of her time in wanting to change a college culture in the mid-eighties, and understood this journey couldn't be about everyone else it had to be about you as well. The only person you can really change is yourself.”