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Paddy powers across Europe to raise funds for orphan charity

Banbury and Bicester College teacher, Paddy Tyson, is driving an “old banger” from Maidstone to Monaco at the end of June to raise money for the Parenta Trust - a charity that provides clean water and nursery school provisions in Uganda.

Paddy and his teammate, Pete Greaves, will drive through eight countries in four days to help fund a new school and provide crucial early years education for Ugandan orphans.


Paddy said:


“I’ve been fortunate enough to ride a motorcycle across much of the world and have experienced the plight of those who don’t get the opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment. It’s something crucial for a good start in life.”


All entrants pay all their own expenses, camping each night at a venue only identified the previous morning. The use of GPS is frowned upon, so the team will be using paper maps and a compass.


Paddy adds:

“The vehicle we’ll be using was recovered from a hedge where it had been living for 5 years, and has been made road legal without spending more than the cost of an MOT. Total vehicle cost cannot exceed £350, and we are currently well ahead of budget – but we’ll be bringing a large tool kit, some sticky tape and lots of cable ties!”

The UK-based charity Pa​renta Trust has been building schools in Uganda since 2013, and has so far fully commissioned four. The aim of the 2018 rally is to raise enough funds to build a fifth school.

If you would like to support Paddy and Pete’s charitable activities, you can donate through their JustGiving page.

Paddy will also be hosting a fundraising evening at Activate Learning’s Banbury Campus, date to be confirmed, where he promises to “regale those gathered with stories of his previous travels with terrifically incompetent vehicles.”